Your favorite staff from Ansonia Lumber!
FRONT ROW: Todd Klipstine, Tammy Klipstine, Sara Hamblin, Dennis Riffell, Krista Spence, Tony Spence, Randy Crabtree
2ND ROW: Marcus Woodworth, Jim Farmer, Luke Moore, Sammy Keen, Vic Miller, Kyle Denlinger, John Snyder
3rd ROW: Bill Siefker, Terry Benge, Dean Eby, Dave Staver, Minetta McCabe, Mitch McCabe
4th ROW: Eugene Hoening, Bob Christian, Gary Thornhill, Gary Obringer, Tony Anderson, Brian Rhotehamel, Greg Perry, Ev Cline



Woodworking Shop
Gary has many years of experience in the construction and woodworking field. His skills and experience made him an excellent fit for our wood shop position....