Three Ways to Drive Leads on Social Media Platforms

Three Ways to Drive Leads on Social Media Platforms

Although the construction industry was slow to accept social media, advertising specialists and remodeling companies are saying it has become more critical--and more remodelers are relying on social media for leads than in years past. Sites that favor engagement and visual orientation, like Facebook and Instagram, can help your remodeling business expand beyond your own website, can bring in direct leads, and help foster the relationship between past customers. Here are a few tips on how to get the best use out of these channels.

1. Make project photos more engaging – As an alternative to just posting previous projects, try to get your audience to engage with the photos by asking which kitchen remodel is their favorite or what details they appreciate the most. It will not only get you interacting customers, but some insight on the current trends.

2. Leverage video – Between model walk-throughs, construction updates, or short client testimonials there are tons of ways remodelers can use video. Both platforms now have a feature where you can live broadcast and have potential clients ask questions in real-time.

3. Always measure – If you start to use these platforms more frequently, try to measure the engagement. Are there certain posts that are doing super well? What are they about and what time did you post it? The more you pay attention to how the audience is engaging, the more opportunities you will have down the road.

“It’s definitely a necessity,” said Ali Peters, account manager at Philadelphia-based Group Two Advertising, which manages social media marketing for builders and remodelers. “It’s really a good communication tool for builders beyond their website. It’s a way to capture people where they’re already living and socializing.”


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