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Pneumatic Nailer Safety

One of the most dangerous tools that someone could easily use improperly is the pneumatic nail gun. If used correctly, the pneumatic nail gun is a great tool to make your work much faster. However, if it’s not used correctly, nails can easily be lodged in your fingers and/or hands. Worse yet, there was a case, among other things, where a worker couldn’t understand why he had a toothache.

Air Tools vs  Manual Tools

All is not as it seems when deciding whether or not to use air or manual tools. Below, we'll discuss the key differences you should consider when deciding which to use: Speed There’s no comparison here. Air-powered tools can get the job done way faster than your manual tools can.

Glue: Fact or Fiction

- Yellow glues are stronger than white glues. False – There is no difference in strength between white and yellow glue; however, yellow glue is easier to use and has better application characteristics. It’s tackier, thicker and more resistant to heat and solvents.

Basic Shrub Trimming

If those shrubs in the front of your house seem to be getting a bit too big for you, it might be time for a trim. If when you are trimming you leave giant holes in your bushes, this is the blog for you. -Most people say that you should trim anywhere from late spring to early summer.

Using Wood Glue

Wood glue can be a valuable adhesive for many of the different woodworking projects that you have going on. Here are some things that you may find wood glue useful for:"Temporary" holdWood glue is great for staying in place for a long time, but it can also be used on a "temporary" basis as well.