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Check out the pictures of the winners of our drawing at the Home Show: http://on.fb.me/1Nltio3
We have beautiful clear yellow pine boards in 1”x6” & 1”x8”! Using yellow pine is a great way to match that older trim in your home.

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Advantages of Storm Doors

A storm door can stop the harsh natural elements of the weather from damaging your main door and save you money on your energy bills. Storm doors are not cheap, but they are money well spent. First there are three basic types of storm doors: full-view, ventilating, and retractable screen.

Spring Fix-Ups: Creative Ways to light Your Patio

As the temperatures rise, your living space can finally extend to the outdoors once again.

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Ansonia Videos

Ansonia Video - there are two videos available here! Be sure to watch both.